Top 6 Most Beautiful Cities in the World 2019

Most Beautiful Cities in the World

We are looking for beauty in many ways — by architecture and nature,  mountain views, history, art and culture, and some of these destinations make searching & travel incredibly enjoyable. This magnificent list of beautiful places Around the world, which contains the cities and regions we fell in love with their unique architecture, tree-lined canals and colorful old houses Here are the 6 most beautiful cities in the world

1- Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is located in the north-west of the Kingdom of Belgium, where it is the center of this country. Bruges is sometimes called the “northern Venice” and has in the past been a major commercial city in the world. One of the most important features of this city is its distinctive architecture dating back to the Middle Ages. Most buildings have been preserved since ancient times to this day. All Heritage places have been listed by UNESCO. Among the most attractive and popular buildings in Bruges include a masterpiece by Michelangelo – the Church of the Virgin Mary. But this is not all. The most famous landmarks of Bruges are the bell tower of the 13th century, with 48 horses. She regularly held free concerts ready to visit, be there locals and tourists alike. It is a kind of tradition. The city also has a museum to visit, it is a great place to visit for people who love art and culture.

2- Rome, Italy

Perhaps the vast majority of people have knowledge of the history and culture of Rome, and as a result of the many historical films about it, Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are many architectural effects, which many heard about or have already visited. One of the most famous places there – the Colosseum. also find the most exciting architectural buildings like the Trajan Forum, the Pantheon, the Tomb of Raphael, temples, churches, baths, imperial palaces. If you are not in Rome, make sure you try to visit, it is truly a wonderful city, where you can relax and at the same time learn and see a lot about old Roman civilization..

3- Amsterdam, Netherlands

The name Amsterdam means “Dam on the Amstel River.” This city is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but also one of the most important port cities. In the past, the city was actively engaged in diamond trade. Amsterdam is famous for its nightlife. It has a lot of facilities for all tastes. Every year there is a festival where artists are attracted from all over Europe. The oldest building in Amsterdam is the (old church), built in 1306, you will love this beautiful city, and all the visitors love Dutch cuisine. Interesting fact is that Amsterdam – the hometown of cakes and cheese.

4- Florence, Italy

Florence – Italian city on the Arno River. Florence was the richest financial and commercial center of medieval Europe, and Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance. With its magnificent architecture and rich culture, the city is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Florence has many wonderful places of interest to tourists, art museums and galleries, including the Uffizi Gallery, Pitti Palace, San Lorenzo Church and the Cappelle Medicee.

5- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro The first tourist destination in Brazil commonly referred to as Rio, the second largest city in Brazil and the third largest city in South America. Rio, one of the most visited and favorite locations in the Southern Hemisphere because of the natural environment and excellent beaches. The city is famous for two international things – football and dancing Samba. Every year, in Rio de Janeiro, one of the world’s finest carnivals is held. Moreover, Brazil-Rio is the main cultural center of Brazil. The National Library of Brazil is the largest library in Latin America and the eighth largest library in the world.

6- Paris, France

Paris – City of love and romance is undoubtedly one of the best and most beautiful cities in the world. The most famous landmarks, the most thing come to your mind when you hear Paris is the Eiffel Tower, and French cheese. Paris is the capital of France and has been the center of all important political events in the country, beginning with the French Revolution. France is famous mainly for this stunning beautiful city. Brilliant perfumes and gourmet cuisine have their exact origins in Paris.

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