Top 10 Tips for first-time flyers

airport guide for first time flyers

Congrats, first flight ticket! Give yourself a pat, because between you and a smooth flying experience there are only a few moves remaining. If you’re one of the people trying something new, these steps will help you to avoid mistakes.

1- Check the airline’s luggage requirements & restrictions

luggage weight limit for international flights

It’s easy to overpack but it might cost you more money. Before you book your flight. Check the airline’s website to view the luggage, pack size and weight restrictions. Try to travel light enough so you could avoid baggage fees altogether. use a checklist to ensure you have everything you need in your bag. check the restricted items on their website. Items like liquids and gels must be in their containers, not other containers. Don’t forget to pack a portable charger for your flight.

2- Make Sure to Have Your Identification

Identification for first time flyers

Long-time ago, airport security was relatively lax than this. Now you must know that you’re going to be pulling put your ID card if you’re over 18 a lot at the airport. Making sure you have it and it’s accessible is an important thing to be in your mind. You will need your ID when you check-in for your flight and when you check the baggage and when you pass through the security checks. you can bring your passport card or valid driver’s license. Some countries require a passport to be valid a minimum of 6 months before it expires.

3- wear comfortable clothing 

comfortable airport outfits for travel

If you’re comfortable with what you are wearing you be more relaxed and comfortable. Dress in clothes that are unrestrictive and make you feel will make you go easier through security gates. setting in a plan for a long time in clothes that give you discomfort can be the worth thing ever and can destroy your mood. if you’re meeting someone and want to look cool enough. you can take more clothes with you and change at the airport when you arrive.

4- Arrive at the airport two hours early

what time should i get to the airport

Catching a plane isn’t like catching a bus; it’s a much longer and harder process. almost every Airline demands you to be in the airport before your flight with at least 2 hours before the takeoff and sometimes at least 3 hours. So you must give your self enough time to get everything you need with you and pass through the security gates. Keep in mind, there is usually a requirement for minimum check-in times prior to a flight in every airline company, so no matter what airline you travel with, you must show up early in the time.

5- Prepare for take-off…

what to do in emergency times airport

Before your plane takes off, there are some procedures to go through that you might don’t know about if it’s your first time traveling. most of them are just routine and contribute to safety on board. they will show you how to buckle your seat belt, what the different lights on the chair in front of you mean. what to do in emergency times. you might find it hard and be worried about the sensation of taking off, as it’s your first time you should prepare your self for the feeling, which is a bit like being in a car when someone accelerates so fast.

6- Bring Noise Cancelling Headphones

noise cancelling headphones

There are plenty of reasons why you will need these noise-cancelling earphones. First of all, you will actually enjoy the sound of silence, as you might hear the continuous background engine noise. Secondly, you might find your self unlucky, being seated in front of small children that make so much noise or cry a lot because of the cabin pressure. So you want to make sure that everything goes in the right way and your sleep doesn’t get disturbed no matter what happens. Put your earphones and enjoy a moment of silence while sleeping.

7- Bring Some Entertainment

Entertainment airport

Long journey flights can become very boring and annoying while doing nothing, just looking at the seat in front of you that’s all, it can just kill your travel mood that’s why you should bring your self some entertainment. Most airlines will have their own music or movies available on the entertainment system, but sometimes you might find your self in a plan with a boring entertainment system. You are allowed to use your mobile phone or your laptop and other multimedia devices in flight mode. So, download your self a few movies or a few offline games to play or watch throughout your flight.

8- Have Some Snacks With You

fast food at airport

Most times, the flight attendants will come by and offer many soft drinks, water, coffee, tea, snacks, food, and drinks. cash is not accepted and you will have to pay with your credit card or visa and what if you don’t like the food you get on board? best to have some snacks with you just in case, like a couple of bagels, some salted crisps, nuts, fruits they don’t take much space in your hand luggage and they will make your flight way cooler and you will be more relaxed.

9- Don’t Pester The Flight Attendants

woman american airlines flight attendant

it doesn’t mean that because there is a button that lets you call a flight attendant in your seat that you have to use it every single minute. the button was put there so you can use it to tell the crew that you’re having a medical emergency so they come and help you as soon as they hear it. so if it really happens you should press it even many times to let them know it’s a really urgent medical emergency.

10- Once you land, Don’t Stand Up Immediately

airplane seat belt remove

According to statistics, more than half of the plane’s passengers are rushing to remove the seat belt once the plane lands, but this is wrong behavior. Because while the airplane lands and the seatbelt sign is turned off, the doors won’t open for another 5- 10 minutes. So wait until the crew tells you to start collecting your things then the door will open right after.

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