Top 10 things to do in summer

things to do in summer 2020 for fun

we all love summer because it’s the season of vacations, traveling and fun, here are some ideas to do this summer.

1- Go camping

camping summer 2020

Camping is an outdoor activity includes overnights stay away far from town, home, and crowded places, Camping lets you enjoy spending time in nature at a low cost. camping trips vary upon spending a night in a tent in one of the campsites during a tourist vocation or spending several days or weeks in pure empty places, campers may camp in residence on the coast or on land, or they might visit deserts, lakes, mountains.
campers stay in one place through their camp time, and from this place, they can visit and see what attracts tourists or just spending time relaxing.

2- Go fishing

fishing in summer season

If you haven’t gone fishing before, then you should do it at least once this summer, not only is it a relaxing activity in the middle of the sea or in a river, you will also get to enjoy the amazingly beautiful natural views, aquatic fishing is the gathering of aquatic organisms and getting them out of the water to sell them, eat them, put them in fish box and enjoy watching them, also a great acitivy for your kids to see the nature and enjoy fishing.

3- Go to an outdoor event

fun things to do near me sunday

outdoor events such as festivals, cultural events , food fests, music fests, and everything between.
summertime is here and outdoor festivals are a big deal during summertime, creating a concert space on a large part of the land is just perfect for getting many people together, Source venues by the environment or atmosphere you want your event to have or just attend someone else’s event. Looking at outdoor amphitheaters, parks, race tracks, rooftops or historic venues will make the time you spend great and Rememberable.

4- Host a BBQ party

bbq party decorations

The sun’s out and the pool is ready, this only means one thing” it’s time for the barbecue season, Fire up the grill and get your friends and family together for an amazing afternoon, enjoy the beautiful weather with your people. BBQ parties are the perfect way to relax and spend quality time with the people you love or care about, don’t operate a grill indoors only do it outside in your backyard or somewhere open, also don’t forget that fresh DIY decor to give your outdoor dining table a little boost.

5- Take a Dip in a Swimming Hole

swimming hole near me

When it’s summer and it’s hot, there’s nothing better than dipping, diving or cannonballing into a cool body of water, swimming and summer are always together. When it’s hot outside and you feel like the heat will burn your skin or stay all day, then it’s time for swimming, Standing in the sunshine on the rocky bank, with rivulets of cool water dripping from your hair and swimsuit, maybe your backyard or community pool is a perfect place but there is something better that brings much more pleasure, a short hike to one of nature’s swimming holes where the freshwater is cool and the scenery is relaxing.

6- Spend a day on the beach

best beach near me to swim

The first thing that comes to mind when it’s hot and summer is here is to go to a beach to spend quality time with your family or friends between playing games or swimming or just relaxing on the shore, you can also bring your kids but you must plan your day well, choose your beach, clothes and take your food and water, go to the beach early to enjoy it while it’s still empty and before the sun rises and burn your skin, sit in a spot that is near to the rescue team and enjoy your day.

7- watch a movie

watch a movie together online

when the weather gets hot sometimes the best escape can be a cold movie theater. Movies have long been one of the most important and most popular arts in the world. It has so many benefits: research indicates that there are many health benefits of watching movies like horror movies, one of the most important benefits is losing weight as horror movies help to burn calories and it can help you strengthening the immune system and relieving psychological stress. Book your movie tickets now

8- Visit a zoo

visit a zoo near me

A zoo is a place where wild animals live in captivity and are put on display in cages for people to view. The word “zoo” is short for “zoological park.” Zoos contain a wide variety of wild animals that are native to all parts of the Earth. The zoo is one of the most important and beautiful places to visit, especially with children, whether it is a family visit or a school trip because it is a very enjoyable place suitable for children who are happy to see animals, get to know them and take pictures with them.

9- Volunteer your time

paid volunteer work

Volunteering teaches compassion and responsibility and also keeps your or kinds busy. The natural instinct of a person makes him in need to be an individual within the community, he cannot live alone, and volunteer work is one of the important sources of spreading goodness and happiness, as it plays a real important role in providing a positive image of society, and is evidence of its prosperity, and the prevalence of decent morals among members of society, then Volunteering is a positive phenomenon, a good human activity, which strengthens the values of cooperation and friendliness among all members of one society.

10- Play tennis

play tennis near me free

Sport is one of the most important factors in maintaining the vital and physical activity of the human body, because it has multiple benefits for different members of the body. Some of them depend on mental focus and thinking like chess, and some of them depend on physical strength and fitness such as weight lifting or walking, and among the most important types of sports also that need focus and fitness are tennis

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