Top 10 things to do in Nice city, France

Nice is a town in south France, built by the Greeks and later a haven for the European elite of the 19th century, the city also attracted artists for a long time. A career-spanning series of paintings at the Musée Matisse is honored to former resident Henri Matisse. With a large fountain, vibrant buildings and a beautiful Sainte-Réparate cathedral which gives it a French provincial feeling.

1-  Promenade des Anglais

It’s impossible to talk about nice without mentioning the most famous place there, Promenade des Anglais. it was before an old resort for English tourists during the cold months in winter. Now it’s the most famous place for tourists in the city. If you want to do the whole Promenade des Anglais then you should rent a bike. For the best experience of the azure blue of the Mediterranean sea, Talk a walk along with gorgeous Promenade. THE PROMENADE bends for 7 kilometers. if it’s your first time there then you should take a walk from the old town to the Negresco hotel.

2- Nice Russian Orthodox Cathedral

a Roman Catholic cathedral located in the city of Nice in southern France. The cathedral is the seat of the Diocese of NICE. The memory of the son of Alexander ll who died in Nice, Located in the Vieille Ville, the exterior of this landmark is rather unprepossessing, apart from its patterned dome. any normal visitor or a tourist to the square might not realize that this is the famous Russian Orthodox Cathedral. It’s a historical monument and religious building outside Russia so it’s worth a look.

3- Nice Castle Hill

When it comes to outdoorsy things to do in Nice, walking up the steps of the castle is just something you can’t miss. The Castle of Nice was a citadel used for military purposes. It was built at the top of a hill overlooking Nice Old Town. It’s a more impressive hill than just a castle. Travelers and tourists still recommend climbing the hundreds of steps to reach the amazing stellar view from its peak. and you can just take the elevator to reach the top of the castle.

4- Going to the beach in Nice

One of the most popular activities in Nice is enjoying the french riviera sun and surf the waves on the city’s amazing and wonderful beaches. There is more than 15 private beaches you can visit in the city to have a great time with your friends or family. relaxing on the beach is a must when you visit Nice. Nice water gets very deep quickly so it’s not an ideal spot for snorkeling or playing in the water but it’s it has it’s amazing cool water and beaches view or you can stick with a public beach as many locals and tourists do.

5- Explore Vieux Nice – the Old Town

Old Town, is a maze of cobblestone streets forming the heart of the city—and Nice’s oldest still-standing neighborhood. It’s time to do shopping while on holiday, and this is a great place to do it. the Old Town is a fun place to shop for Provencal specialties such as lavender soap, olive oil, and tacky souvenirs. also while you’re in the old town streets you should take advantage of it to enjoy a traditional Italian ice cream.

6- Musée Matisse

Trace the career of one of France’s most famous artists, with paintings, drawings, sculptures. Visitors primarily appreciate the aesthetics of Musée Matisse. Sitting on the hill of Cimiex, the Musée Matisse is a must-see tourist attraction for the people who love the art. this amazing museum lies in a great historic place surrounded by splendid Italianate gardens. houses of hundreds of works by the famous artist Henri Matisse. Situated in the striking eighteenth-century Villa des Arènes. Visit another of the artist’s masterpieces in the nearby town of Vence, where Matisse spent four years designing the stained glass windows 

7- Parc Phoenix

Parc Phoenix is seven hectares of parkland located on the Promenade des Anglais’ western end. this enormous park includes one of the largest greenhouses in Europe. Phoenix Park is a great place to spend an afternoon with your family in Nice!. however, there are many places that you can visit when you’re traveling with kids. this park with 2500 plant species growing in a number of gardens. Timings: All Days – 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM. The entrance fee for the Phoenix Park is 4 euros per person

8- Visit Cimiez Monastery Garden

The layout of the Cimiez Monastery has not changed since it was built back in 1546 when monks used it as their orchard and vegetable food garden. you will have a panoramic view of Nice and the Bay of Angels. one enjoys a wonderful place of relaxation. On a sunny day, one of the most enjoyable things to do is to meditate on a park bench or take a scenic walk along the garden paths

9- Attend the nice carnival

Nice Carnival, One of the largest festivals in the world and the largest in France, Taking place every February over the course of two weeks, it consists of around 850 different cultural, sport, and festival events. Each year. A more family friendly version of Rio’s Carnival, the Nice Carnival is the highlight of the winter season. the Nice Carnival now draws over 1 million visitors each year for the multi-week event

10- Shop at the Cours Saleya Market

If you haven’t seen the classic Markets yet, then you should give this market a visit. the main drag running through the old town opens up to sprawling daily fruit and vegetable market from 6 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and also flower market—ranked one of the top in the country—sells bouquets and potted plants until later in the afternoon

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