Top 10 things to do in long beach

things to do in long beach today

Long Beach is a town with a population of about half a million, located in California. It is a very busy city and an attractive destination for tourists where numerous festivals, sporting events, and carnivals are held.

1- SkyThrills!

SkyThrills flying experience

One of the most amazing experiences that anyone could have, For those who are looking for adventure and heart pumping, a crazy ride with SkyThrills is just awesome. You will be provided with a great, cool and fantastic experience with an acrobatic thrill ride, they also offer acrobatic training for people who look for more adventure and they offer tours to the area’s best destinations including many wonderful places like Napa Valley, Mammoth Lakes, Paso Robles and way more!

They do offer 3 kinds of programs:
1- Thrill rides for everyone
2- Tours and charters
3- Aerobatic/Formation flight training 

Recommended Duration : 2h 30 min
Their prices start from $595 for Thrill rides, $545 for Sightseeing Tours and $1,495 for Charters flights.

2- See Whales Harbor Breeze Cruises!

Harbor Breeze Cruises

If you’re looking for a new unique and wonderful journey we recommend you the best destination for whale watching in long beach, Harbor breeze cruises is an exciting whale watching journey to see some of the largest mammals on the planet like the Gray Whales, Blue Whales, and other many wonderful sea creatures where you will be tough about the whales characteristics and other interesting facts about whales and sea creatures.

Gray Whale Season, Time from December through April 
Blue Whale Season, Time from May through November

They do offer 2 kinds of trips:
Whale watching and Dolphin Tour: 1/2 hour excursion into the pacific ocean and it’s price starts from $35.

45 Minute Narrated Harbor tour: to learn about the harbor history and see the long beach skyline and much other stuff and it’s price starts from $15.

3- Rosie’s Dog Beach

Rosie's Dog Beach

Very friendly dog beach, numerous gorgeous dogs running around and playing, Rosie’s Dog Beach along Ocean blvd opened in 2003. the area doesn’t have a fence and is not a dedicated dog beach, it is designed off-leash beach for dogs which is full of restrooms, outdoor showers, water fountains, bike path, dog waste bags and much more!
Working hours from 6 AM to 8 PM.

4- Gondola Getaway

Gondola Getaway

The gondola getaway opened in 1982 under the concept of bringing the old charm, cool gondola back into the canals of Naples, The beauty and calmness of their bay is just awesome.

They do offer Traditional Gondola Cruise which is Great for romantic or small parties cruises.
price: $100/ first 2 guests

Up to 6 people in a personal boat
Free Corkage
Completely Private Boat 
$30 for each additional guest.

Large “Carolina” Cruise which is perfect for: Large groups and parties. 
Price: $350/ 7 – 10 guests, and it includes, Up to 14 people, Free Corkage
Private Boat, $35.40 for each additional guest

5- Shoreline Pedestrian Bike path

Shoreline Pedestrian Bike path

The Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath also is known as the Long Beach Bike Path is a 7.2 km path along the pacific ocean shore. Very relaxing and close to restaurants and shopping. The trail offers a number of various activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

6- Jetski2Catalina


Looking for something crazy and amazing to do while you’re on Longbeach? looking for the adventure of your lifetime? you should give jetski2catalina a try, starting from $299 you will get a full-day jetski tour starting in long beach at the hotel Maya and head to the beaches of two harbors to finally reach Catalina island.

You will get Jetski, fuel, wetsuit, safety equipment, snorkeling gear, bottles of water, guides, tour to Catalina island, cliff jumping, swimming

Your journey starts at 8 AM and ends at 5 PM, You must be 16 or older to pilot a jetski. Minimum booking is 3 skis.

7- SoCal Kitesurfing & Kiteboarding

SoCal Kitesurfing & Kiteboarding

The most obvious and beautiful piece of kitesurfing equipment is usually the first thing that attracts everyone’s attention while looking at a beach… the KITE!
Welcome to one of the best water sports in the world. One of the youngest boardsports all over the world, it started first time 1980 in France and Hawaii, do you want to jump and fly with a kite? you must give this a try, starting from $25 you can do kitesurfing or kiteboarding easily.

8- Sundiver International

diving in long beach california

Every imaginable dive site from local shipwrecks to blue waters of the islands is accessible with Sundiver International, where you can find a destination that meets your skills and goals, the journey includes everything you could imagine in the sea with a fixed price $675 for 6 trips at the price of 5, you can dive to 50 feet and it can exceed 100 feet, Swimming inside a kelp forest to see the trees with fish instead of birds, you will get Tanks and weights, Meals, snacks, and beverages.

9- Pedego Greater Long Beach – Bike Rentals and Tours

Pedego Greater Long Beach

Wheel Fun Rentals at Shoreline Village in long beach is just the place to visit for bike and specialty cycle rentals, they offer various bikes to rent starting from $28 to $53 hourly, they offer 4-wheeled cycles, Chopper styling, Night Rides, Deuce Coupe bikes, electric bikes, KIDS TRAILER, WHEELCHAIRS and much more.

10- Long Beach Sportfishing


Do you want to have fun or competitive? Do you want to join people fishing against each other for-profit?
This is one of Long Beach’s hidden gems, sportfishing focuses upon fishing tuna, mackerel, marlin, salmon with tons of other fishes.

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