Top 10 Largest Countries In The World

Top 10 biggest Countries In The World

As we discover the largest countries, we visit five continents, contain some of the most amazing geography of the world and every possible kind of climate and Rainforests and tundra, hills and valleys, coastline and desert…
Excitingly it always changes: history has taught that as the centuries go, geopolitical borders change dramatically. Who is going to tell in the next decades which countries will be the biggest in the world?
It is not strange that the 10th biggest nation (Algeria) could seven times fit into the biggest (Russia) when 11.5% is claimed by just one nation in the globe. When the 10 biggest countries in the world are combined, they account for 49 percent of the planet’s 149 million sq km of land.

1- Russia

Russia is the biggest country in the world

In Eastern Europe and North Asia, Russia or the Russian Federation is a country transcontinental. Russia is the biggest country in the world with a surface area of 17,125,200 kilometers, Russia has borders with 14 countries, Due to the huge land, Russian citizens have two kind of passport national and international. The Russian Frozen Forest and Tundra have massive oil reserves; however, much of Russia’s oil wealth continues untapped because of expenses and trouble to extract it.

2- Canada

canada second largest country in the world

It is the second largest country in the world, covering a complete land area of 9.98 million square kilometers. The ten provinces and three territories stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northwards to the Arctic ocean.
The Arctic Circle spans the huge frozen tundra of Canada. the Rocky Mountains going from north to south in the west half of the country, with prairies offering enormous grain and canola cultivation areas. Eastern Canada, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa domestic capital, are the traditional core of the country.

3- United States of America

United states of america 3rd largest country

Contains 50 states that cover a large area of North America and extend the existence of Alaska in the northwest and of Hawaii into the Pacific Ocean. occupying 9,63 million km2. The United States is bordered by Mexico in the south and Canada in the north, with a wide range of natural and animal species.
west of the Rocky Mountains, are renowned for all year long temperate climate and large beaches along the shoreline of California. The large plains between Canada and Mexico, sandwiched between the Rockies and the Mississippi River, make the United States one of the world’s fertile growth fields. Finally, the third of Mississippi’s population is the industrial and economic hub and significant cities spread across the east coastline.

4- China

china fourth largest country

China is the nation with the largest population, around 1,4 billion, It is the fourth largest country, with a total of estimated 9,600,000 square kilometers, like Russia, China has borders with 14 countries. Their climate and their populations differ greatly. The middle of the country contains the Gobi, the fourth biggest desert worldwide, and the tropical temperature in the west drops to subarctic rates. China has 56 acknowledged ethnic groups, the 18th biggest Muslim population in the world, and the 19th highest Christian population in the world.

5- Brazil

brazil biggest country in South America

In more than 8.51 million km2, the biggest country in South America, Brazil is home to many of Amazon’s biggest rainforest in the world. The Amazon is so thick and extensive that researchers and explorers have discovered human civilizations never contacting the external world.
In the East, Brazil also has a long, roughly 8,000 km shoreline. Near the coastline exist most of its major cities, including Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Belem.

6- Australia

Australia largest nation

Australia is a member of Commonwealth, containing Australia’s mainland, Tasmania Island and countless smaller islands. It is the world’s sixth-largest country with a total territory of 7.69 million square kilometers and is the biggest country in Oceania. with a population of 24.6 million.
In coastal cities like Sydney to the east and Perth to the south hold the large bulk of the inhabitants, and rightly so: the Australian Outback is one of the driest and warmest areas in the world. Australia is renowned for its spectacular–and often dangerous–wilderness alongside the extreme environment and geography.

7- India

india one of biggest country

India is also known as the Republic of India. It is the seventh biggest country by area and the second largest population in the world 1.33B. The territory of India covers 3.29 million kilometers square.
The borders with India are each shared by China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, and their geographies range from majestic Himalayan Mountains to the southern tropic of the peninsula. Geological evidence shows that India and its close neighbors were in the past separated from Asia by the sea, on its own subcontinent.

8- Argentina

8th biggest country in the world

The Republic of Argentina situated in southern South America. It is the 8th biggest country in the world and the biggest Spanish-speaking country by location in the world. Some of the world’s most different geographies and climates cover its 2,78 million square kilometers.
In the very north, the swampy tropical circumstances allow glacial areas to freeze in the south. It extends from South Andes in the West to the Atlantic Ocean in its south, Patagonia, one of the most amazing, hazardous places on earth. Cape Horn is one of the world’s most stormy sites, known from the southern tip of Argentina.

9- Kazakhstan


A former Soviet republic, Kazakhstan, is 2,72 million square kilometers across vast plains and mountains. For most of the year, the climate is dry, but not quite desert-like. There are various temperatures in Kazakhstan year-round, although in Kazakhstan it is not as cold as it is in part of its northern neighbor, Russia. Also, Kazakhstan is the biggest landlocked country in the world

10- Algeria

Algeria largest north African country

It is the tenth largest country in the world and the only one in Africa. Algeria is a North African country with a Mediterranean and Saharan desert at 2,38 million square kilometers. Algeria has 998 km of Mediterranean shoreline 90% of the country is desert and a large part of its wilderness areas is elevated. The Tell Atlas Mountains are located along the northern border of the country chain over 1,500 km, while inland, many hundreds of meters above sea level.

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