The 5 Most Dangerous Airlines In The World

Most Dangerous Airlines

In this post, we have prepared for you the list of the most dangerous airlines in the world according to the scale of the site According to this website, this companies below are the most unsafe airlines

1-Lion Air

The Indonesian airline Lion Air has been heavily scrutinized since a flight crashed in 2014, one of the reasons why its general security rating prevented it from traveling to the United States or the European Union, a ban involving a group of Indonesian airlines, Lion Air, Who suffered a lot of problems in his structure during his tenure, on the other side, the only thing more serious than the aviation safety record is its low prices,
Thai Lion Airline

2- Kam Air

Kam Air is a new company established 15 years ago in Afghanistan. Kam Air has witnessed fatal accidents that have led to the death of more than 100 passengers, making it one of the most dangerous airlines in the world.
KAM Air Afghanistan

3- Nepal Airlines

With the Himalayas there, known as high-rises, some planes must be less fortunate than others. With Nepalese Airlines, in particular, is among the most dangerous airlines in the world.
I have encountered nearly a dozen fatal accidents in the past three decades, Nepal Airways gets one star (out of seven) from website, a site that classifies air safety using a number of metrics.
Nepal Airlines

4- Tara Air

Tara َAir was established 9 years ago in Nepal. Although only one flight has killed passengers, the airline is considered a recent aviation industry, raising serious questions about its safety in general. It mostly works in rural destinations in Nepal, but if you want to explore the Himalayan foothills, and you do not have time for a long journey to the mainland from Kathmandu, you may find yourself with no choice but to use the services of Tara Air, a particularly terrifying prospect if you happen to be Flying from Kathmandu to Lukla.
Tara Air

5- Scout Air

Scout is an airline in Kazakhstan, the European Commission has included the SCAT on the blacklist and this stems from the general lack of confidence in its regulatory processes, if you want to travel to Kazakhstan, you will probably want to travel to another famous company like Air Astana.
Scout Air

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