Best Food You Must Eat In Morocco

Moroccan food One of the best cuisines of the world, It is a mixture of many cultures like Amazigh, Arab and Andalusian..

1- Tagine

One of the most popular dishes in Morocco, It has a blend of soft vegetables with spices and meat Cooked on natural fire.
Moroccan tagine

2- Couscous

Couscous is one of the most distinctive dishes in Morocco, and in Morocco they prepare it every Friday, It is eaten alone or with “L’ben” its a kind of milk
moroccan couscous

3- B’stilla

very special pie made with layers of a paper-thin pastry coddles a blend of chicken meat or fish. spiced with saffron, cinnamon, and fresh coriander.

4- Mint Tea

Moroccan tea is one of the things to taste when visiting Morocco and is always served at breakfast, It is a mixture of water, Chinese tea, sugar and mint cooked over the fire

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